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What We Do
We provide best of breed software solutions and consulting to school districts, churches, state/local government, small business, sports teams and Fortune 500 companies.

We do an eKG to see "where you are at and where you want to go" then we go "as fast as we can, but as slow as we must."

If you are wrestling with one of the following issues we can quickly help your team find consensus on direction and build the action plan to generate efficient growth.

Strategic Goals

  • Leverage technology to save you time, be more productive and make money
  • Help you identify new markets and opportunities via technology
  • Give you a framework to execute your plan
  • Go from "pre revenue to 100k to 1 million" and beyond revenue targets
    • over 50 million in software and hardware solutions scoped and solutioned directly

Operational Goals

  • Take start up companies to market
  • Move from development to product launch to product adoption
  • Strategic, operational and tactical plans to drive business
  • Build industry partnerships for distribution, marketing, and visibility
  • Strategic and operational help on how Apple (innovation) and Dell (supply chain) do it
  • Build you apps to drive your digital strategy
  • Build you mobile web sites, eLearning solutions
  • Develop your SoMoLo strategy "social, mobile local"
  • Mobile learning projects eg. mobile, gamified daily solution
  • App and web integration with Uber (see examples)
  • TV commercials
  • Retail social mobile local solutions eg. apps, messaging, iPad eCommerce
  • Deploy your CRM solution (Zoho, Salesforce, Infusionsoft)
  • Implement and train your team on your selected sales methodology 

Who We Are