Do You Want Your Company, Team or Organization to be Elite?

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My notes from a training recently. I have been through many trainings at Apple, Dell and with startup companies but this one was one of the best.

ERO Training with Tim Kight

Who He Is
I am a curious guy
My work has focused on...

How do you become an elite performer

How do you create an elite environment
I left Columbus, Ohio to go to UCLA for university a longer time ago

I got to see John Wooden teach and coach up close

What I Do

I observe and document the mindset and behavior of elite athletes and people

How they think first and act second
Elite is the best version of you

Anybody can be a little bit better
What mindset are you willing to follow?

What business, team or church would want to be there?

We work with Ohio State athletics which is one of our many clients. This is about committing to the daily journey

This has nothing to do with talent
How intentional are you?

How purposeful are you?
Too many people "dabble" at leadership

There are hundreds of books on leadership
Coach Meyer is passionate about being better

Are you here to be entertained or transformed?
The Mountain of Average

The 10/80/10 Rule
10% suck
80% are competent

10% are and can be elite
The "edge" is where your talent runs out and something else takes over
Talent is a gift, elite is a choice
Start where you are

Be better today then yesterday
Be better tomorrow then today
Your job as a leader is to live it

Three Key Areas
1) Embrace productive discomfort
2) Maintain focus and energy
3) Have a heart of courage

Neuroplasticity says that you can build new neuro pathways
Yes, it will be uncomfortable
Thus, the skill building will take awhile
We have a Navy Seal guy in our company

Thirteen years he was in the elite unit
In BUDS training they do not teach you anything, they test you

The guys that drop out first are the gifted athletes from high school and university

The New England Patriots did not have on their team one high school 5 star recruit

In university they stack rank high school recruits from 1-5 stars and the 5 star recruits are the so called elite athletes coming out of high school
BUDs teases out the talent and gets at the heart, the grit and overall toughness

Our Vision
We have a multi generational vision for our company

How cool would it be if we were in 1000 schools

The Performance Pathway

Great leaders drive the culture and achieve great results

Poor leaders drive low performing cultures which thus garners poor results
Coach Meyer and Coach Belichek live this
If you do not have a conscious program to drive the right culture, behaviors you will drift to mediocrity

Nothing worse than fuzzy culture
Nothing worse then having no standards
Nothing worse then no accountability in an organization
Most companies have poster values not core heart values
Leadership first happens IN you, then THROUGH you
Leadership is going on a journey and taking people with you
Invite them on your journey!
How do you lead when you are not in charge ?

Own your 20 square feet

What really matters

What is in your control?
Lead from where you are

If you can effect 3 people do it
If you can effect 5 people do it

Focus on your sphere of influence

My 3 Key Mantras
I love you, I will push you and I will not lower my standards
Love them more then they resist you

Teenagers are crying out for this and as a coach or AD you should do this

Love is not a feeling or emotion it is a choice
Three types of love in the Bible
EROS basic love
Philea brotherly
Agape deep, deep love

Not everything that feels good is good for you and not everything that is good for you feels good

Elite athletes live in the discomfort zone
Attitude effects everything
OSU Culture Playbook

What We Believe

How We Behave

Outcome vs Achieve
You need to do a why what how for yourself, your team, your organization
Needs to be clear concise and compelling
Two Skills Sets

Job Skills
Behavior Skills
What do companies hire on?

What do companies fire on?
No amount of technical competence can overcome behavioral skills
We define behavioral skills
These are learned

Emotional management
Being on time
Self Awareness
Decision making
Problem Solving
This is tough

Ever work with someone unaware that they are a problem and unaware of the problem

These are like two wings of an airplane

You need both behavioral and technical skills
Personal growth drives organizational growth
Most humans do things because it is a habit and comfortable

A System or Framework

I think ERO is one of the best programs for student athletes and anybody for that matter.

The master framework is based on

E + R = O

events + response = outcomes

We cannot control events or outcomes but we can control our response which can/could effect the outcomes.

The net net is to institute a leadership program with a unified vocabulary and accountability

All behavior is either…

Intentional, On-Purpose, Skillful
Above the Line/Below the Line

E + R = O

Press Pause
Get Your Mind Right
Step Up
Adjust & Adapt
Make a difference
Build Skill

R:1 Press Pause
Before you respond, get focused and be intentional

Get Your Mind Right
Pay attention to your inner Response and mindset

R3 Step Up
Challenging situations demand exceptional Responses

Adjust & Adapt
Success goes to those who can Respond to change
Your habits are perfectly designed to get the results they’re getting.

R:4 Adjust & Adapt
If your R isn’t working,
Choose a better R.

Make a Difference
Create great experiences for others.
Be a culture builder.

R:5 Make a Difference
Making a difference means taking complete ownership for the contribution you make to your teammates & to the culture of the team.

R:5 Make a Difference
Above the Line
Below the Line

Build Skill
Intentionally grow beyond your talent
You were born with talent.
But at the level of Ohio State, everyone has talent.

Your competitive advantage is:
The attitude & effort you bring every day.

The skill you build.

E + R = O is the Bottom Line

The biggest variable in any program is not the Events or circumstances an athlete/team will encounter…but how will they Respond?

Players don’t control Events. They do have control over how they Respond.

And it is a skill that can be taught.

Tim and his son work with Ohio State currently ranked 3, Washington Huskies currently ranked 4, Houston Cougars and Tom Herman and Hilliard Schools and many more to come.

Tim challenges us to try it for 30 days with one item...I am going to try it with bible reading in the am with Our Daily Bread App and Our Daily Bread with pastor Greg Laurie app.

I am also trying to work out every day by walking, running, tennis, hockey or weights...

Let's see how it goes...
What can you do to take the next small step?

For more info contact

They have so much more to offer then just the little I posted here...

Uber Eats and Amazon Delivery Models and Pricing

Excerpts via New York Post
Uber and Amazon are launching slick new apps that promise to widen the market for high-tech food delivery — but the bill for restaurants won’t be cheap.

Uber will begin in March to deploy its vast network of taxis and bike couriers to deliver gourmet pizzas, burgers and salads through its new “UberEats” platform — and will demand an unprecedentedly steep 30 percent cut of the bill from restaurants, sources told The Post.

Amazon won’t be far behind, with plans to charge eateries 27.5 percent of the check, according to interviews with persons briefed on the situation and documents reviewed by The Post.

Amazon is preparing a mobile ordering platform that will include more than 300 Manhattan eateries through its Prime Now app, sources said.

That’s substantially above the 12 percent to 24 percent that Grubhub and Seamless charge restaurants for food orders, sources said — a rate that is already seen by many mom-and-pop establishments as punishing.

It’s also ahead of the 15 percent to 23 percent charged by rivals like, DoorDash, Postmates and Caviar.

Reps for UberEats have lately told cash-strapped restaurants that charging any less would be “unsustainable,” sources said. The new, full-scale platform replaces a more limited quick-delivery service for lunch launched last year that’s being renamed Uber Instant.

On top of the 30 percent cut it’s charging restaurants, UberEats has been adding a $5 delivery fee to customers in a recent pilot program in Toronto, sources said.

That’s on par with delivery fees of between $2 and $7 typically tacked on by services like Caviar and DoorDash.

Online giant Amazon, which began rolling out the “Amazon Restaurants” feature on its Prime Now app in Chicago last month, has waived delivery fees thus far.

“They’re still trying to really figure out what this is,” one source said of Amazon’s plans. “Is it [a customer] acquisition strategy for [Amazon Prime], or something they’d like to open up to the broader public?”

Officials at Uber and Amazon didn’t respond to requests for comment.

Despite the stiff fees, some Toronto eateries have already acquired a taste for UberEats.

“We’ve had a very good experience with Uber — no complaints,” says Gary Quinto, a partner at Pizzeria Libretto Group, which operates a half-dozen area restaurants.

Still, it’s unclear what kind of threat the higher-priced UberEats and Amazon apps pose to rivals. Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, about to open its fourth location in Manhattan, currently uses Caviar for deliveries. The chain may try UberEats when it launches.

“It’s kind of volume-contingent — we look at gross-profit dollars instead of gross-profit percentages,” says co-founder Micha Magid, adding, “We don’t need to be on every single platform.”

Some players pooh-pooh the idea that food deliverers need fat percentages to survive.

Munch Ado, a new restaurant search engine that’s in the middle of raising $20 million, says it delivers better service than Seamless and Grubhub’s no-frills site for just 8.5 percent of a restaurant’s bill.

“If we’re going to build a long-term, sustainable model, the pain threshold for restaurants is 10 percent,” says Munch Ado Chief Executive Puneet Talwar.

The Mobile On Demand Economy: The future is here but it is not evenly distributed

United Airlines, Starbucks and a host of other companies are integrating their apps and mobile web sites with Uber.

Do you have a need to ship a widget on demand?
Well our team can help you "survive, but thrive" in this area.

We have already partnered to deliver "on demand" coffee, ice cream, cookies and cupcakes. What else can be done? 

Our team can help you look at what level do you want to integrate to save time and make money.

Our team can develop the mobile web site, integrate it with Uber for delivery, and take a % of increased sales.




Dave Ramsey Seminar
Session 1
Been at this for over 20 years and now I am an over nite success
I started this on a card table

How It Came To Be
In the Bible you can govern via a 1-5 ratio
So I gathered up a few people in my business

I started out working with people to get 'em outta debt (Dave Ramsey 1.0)
It is now Entrepreneur Leadership (Dave Ramsey 2.0)
How to accelerate your business using biblical principles
This is stuff your grandmother and the Bible teaches
When in doubt, teacher your people
Started a class with 5 people on how to run our business
Our internal MBA course or mastermind group
Then we had a guy who had a wife that was a realtor who wanted to sit in
Then it got out of control and now we have thousands at a time all over the country sitting in and and podcast with millions of downloads

We then named it EntreLeadership
Our professors at universities are teaching business who have never met a payroll

You choose to be a leader
Leaders are not born
You don't look at a baby and say well would ya look at that...he is a leader
If you don't have entrepreneurs on your team you are constipated
You are then government
Is it messy...absolutely
You want racehorses but you need to point them in the right direction

Leaders rules guides or inspires others
But you need get out there and lead

A person who organizes, operates and assumes risk
Look at the risk versus return on your decisions
Next steps: listen to the podcast, download the app, buy the book

Session 2
Christy Wright
Guiding Principles
Manage your time and commitments

1) Team first
2) Collaboration
3) Innovation

Schedule on/off times when you are available
Your team needs you on 24 hours a day? Really?!
Never allow information into your mind when you don't want to give it your attention or action
Do more of what ONLY you can do
Protect What Matters To You (faith, family, work, friends)
Boundaries are about Self Respect
Get home when you need to be
Leadership is not a position
Leadership is a lifestyle

When you are in the marketplace
Hit it, bust it hard
Kill it, drag it home
When you are HOME
Turn off you PHONES!

Dave Ramsey
Momentum Theorem
Focused Intensity over Time times + GOD is unstoppable momentum

We do this via Mastermind Groups and eCoaching now to scale this
Information and Inspiration daily

What is a book worth? Not the cost of the paper
READ people
It is the one idea that may help you.

Teamwork in TWO seconds!

Chris Hogan Session 3
Understanding Personality Styles is vital to winning
On decisions you need to define who, when, why and how for eveybody
In our office, we have the DISC up in the office
We are either building a team or building something that looks like a team

You need to be intentional
You need to bend a little and connect with your team
You need to connect the wires
Drama will decrease when you do this
Productivity will increase when you do this

Dave Ramsey
A championship team is no accident

David L. "Dave" Ramsey III is an American financial author, radio host, television personality, and motivational speaker. His show and writings strongly focus on encouraging people to get out of debt and developing leaders in business


Read this, then ask yourself…



I just reread Seth Godin “Tribes”

When I was at Apple, Seth was always on our team reading list. I took some notes on my iPhone while I was reading it. Tribes by Seth Godin…

Tribes need two things…

1) a shared interest

2) a way to communicate.

Human beings can’t help it…we need to belong All that is missing is you, your vision and your passion. Marketing is the act of telling stories about the things we make…stories that sell and stories that spread.

Today, marketing is about engaging with the tribe and delivering products and services with stories that spread

Communication can be one of four kinds

1) Leader to tribe

2) Tribe to leader

3) Tribe member to tribe member

4) Tribe member to outsider

A Leader Needs To

1) Transform the shared interest into a passionate goal and a desire to change

2) Provide tools to allow members to tighten their commuication

3) Leverage the tribe to make it grow and gain new members

A Movement Has 3 Elements 

1) A narrative that tells a story about who we are and the future we are trying to build

2) A connection between and among the leader and the tribe

3) Something to do…the fewer the limits…the better

We need to be aware of this when you want to start a movement or accelerate one.

Average Sports Agents Commisions

The Average Sports Agent's Commission

by Marie Gentile, Demand Media

A sports agent is responsible for managing an athlete's business agreements.

Sports agents represent athletes in professional negotiations for contracts, salaries, endorsements, appearances and other business agreements. They work to promote the athlete’s image, abilities and career and most often earn money from commissions based on the agreements they broker. The commission percentage an agent charges his client varies based on a variety of factors.

Commission Limits

An agent’s commission varies, based on the sport he represents. Generally, a sports agent earns between 4 and 10 percent of an athlete’s playing contract, though some leagues place limits on what percentage an agent can charge in commission. For example, the National Football League states that an agent can't receive more than 3 percent of player salaries. The National Basketball Association places the limit at 3 percent too. Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League don't have any limits on agent commissions, however.

Salary Variations

The amount an agent earns in commission depends largely on the average player salaries of the sport he represents. Because of salary caps, however, the highest-paid players don’t necessarily correspond with the highest-paid agents. In the NFL, players can earn anywhere from $375,000 to $20 million from a playing contract, meaning the agent can earn between $11,250 and $600,000 per player. In MLB, with no commission limits, players earn between $400,000 and $32 million, and agents pull in anywhere from $16,000 and $4 million. The highest-paid MLB agent in 2013 was Scott Boras, who earned $11,728,037 in commissions from $248,222,750 worth of player contracts – a 4.7 percent commission.

Sports, Media and Tech

 “The idea is that technology is changing the way media is consumed, products are consumed, data is consumed,” explained Pyne. “Sports engages consumers around their passion points in ways that other things don’t. We want to be at the forefront of that disruption and change and empower entrepreneurs trying to build disruptive technologies.”

The Paradox of Choice


Over the past decade behavioural scientists have come up with some intriguing insights. In one landmark experiment, conducted in an upmarket grocery store in California, researchers set up a sampling table with a display of jams. In the first test they offered a tempting array of 24 different jams to taste; on a different day they displayed just six. Shoppers who took part in the sampling were rewarded with a discount voucher to buy any jam of the same brand in the store. It turned out that more shoppers stopped at the display when there were 24 jams. But when it came to buying afterwards, fully 30% of those who stopped at the six-jam table went on to purchase a pot, against merely 3% of those who were faced with the selection of 24.
Source: You choose | The Economist